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    Post My thoughts about the Slash VXL/Brushed 1/16

    Just today I stopped using my Slash 1/16 VXl. It was not from hate but it was because of the cost of parts it would take to make it perfect again ($150). I'm not heartbroken or sad at all, but amazed at what I got from Traxxas as a first time user. Back in August I decided that since I had extra cash that was burning a hole in my bank, that I would pull it out and do something with it to give me something to do. I looked and looked but found nothing that sparked my interest. Then I heard about this company called Traxxas and decided to dive deeper. I looked around and picked the Slash 1/16 Brushed at my local hobby dealer. I had no idea what to think but how fast it went. happened. I crashed and broke an A-Arm. Went to the hobby dealer and got another one. Over the next few months I upgraded things like the gear ratio (Which is now 28Pinion/45Spur on a VXl 380). Then school got in the way so i put it to the side for about a month and a half. Came back when I had a week of school off, and found my screws rusted from my rain runs the last time i ran it. Everything was fine, except the battery which was the stock battery and was dead flat. Me being a noob thought that it was completely screwed and threw it out. I then pushed it to the side AGAIN, and by the time i wanted to use it again it was Christmas. I asked for the velineon 380 with VXL-3m esc. Put some more money into it and bought the 2s lipo for 1/16 along with the mounts for the motor. This thing was ZOOMING. I clocked 40 down my street with the now bald stock tires. I decided it was time and bought some nice offload grippy tires. Of course i had to cut the body because they were way too big, no issue tho. I used it with the 40-45 mph config with a lipo 3s from January until around June 5th(?). This is where disaster struck, the pivot ball caps had snapped out on the two rear tires, and caused some awful wear and tear and i was forced to replace them. I bought some RPM Axle Carriers to replace them and more disaster. My local hobby dealer was unavailable so i tried to align them my self. I took it out on my street and BAM. 50 mph smack right into my mail box. This was probably the time i decided to stop spending on this and use what i have. It worked very well for the next 3 weeks and just yesterday was when the front skid plate was 'skidded' to the point where it allowed the front pins to fallout. I decided that this thing was toast for now and i totaled up all the parts and it was $150 in total. I currently have it sitting in my room with the tires of and the batterys in storage mode.

    TLR This RC was a great little starter for me and helped me learn along the way of what not to do. Its very durable considering that i crashed it about 300+times. I would like to buy an E-Revo 1/16 and use that Velineon again. But that will be a while.

    Soon it will be my birthday and I hope to gather enough money for the slash 1/10 rwd with a castle creations sidewinder 3 sct with 3800kv motor. Hoping to be in this hobby for a while because its really helped me learn about rcs

    The slash back when i got it and after i had ran it once (Fully Stock):
    The slash back in march when it had snowed and i had my offroad tires on (28/45 With velineon 380 VXL-3m system with 2s lipo)
    Any thing that I should know about the slash 1/10 Rwd?

    PS: This review isn't 100% correct nor is it detailed, this was just a quick run down of what I did to my rc

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    Spend the money and get the 4x4. IMO all 2wd trucks get boring. Harder to drive and can't go through nearly the same terrain.

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    I agree. Unless you have friends that also have the 2wd slash, it will get boring fast. I had a 2wd slash way back at the beginning of the short course thing. It sounded SO AWESOME.... I got it and found out it sucks on anything other than dry pavement.
    What makes 2wd short course trucks fun is not how good they drive, they drive like crap. What makes them fun is racing other, equally sucky trucks.
    If you don't plan to race it, skip the 2wd version.

    Also, just so you know, you can turn your mini slash into a mini revo with just mini revo arms, pushrods, tie rods, and of course larger tires and different gearing...

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    What about other alternatives like the 1/10 vxl bandit/1/10 vxl rustler
    My options on what to buy are
    Slash 4x4 (If i want to spend that much)
    Rustler VXL
    Bandit VXL

    Anything else?

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