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Thread: Big block motor

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    Big block motor

    I am planning to upgrade to a sidewinder sv2 combo.

    A) what kv should i make the motor

    B) There are many ways to fit the BB motor. which should i use?
    1.Tenbol motor mount
    2.Brushed version motor mount
    3. any suggestions i have not heard of?

    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    what i've heard that is a good combo.....

    a) 4600kv or 5700kv
    b)tenbol is very good but,
    traxxas 540-50 brushed for me is a better choice cause it has a cover for the spur
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    i don't know
    Looks like the brushed mount is way cheaper too.
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    I have the Tenbol mouint and its great. I like it better without the cover for the sper because it allows you to see how tight the gear mesh is when touching the pinion and sper. It is also a little nicer for the cash. Quality made. I would still like the try the brushed mount as I believe it included a built in heat sink type deal with fins? I really like my BB setup. Its just crazy fast. I went with the 5700KV and the MMP combo. Once you get the speed down and are able to make the car stay on the ground I hit 50+ mph at about 2/3 throttle on 3s without trying to hard. I have had a few 3/4 throttle passes and I usually break something or become airborn. All that being on the MERV that is..... I would think yours going to see similar things with the summit just a little slower.

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