So...... I just learned the hard way that 1/10 wheels do not fit our cars. Fortunately I was able to cancel the orders for tgem before they shipped out.

I have a body on the way that is exactly 13mm wider than stock. So, I need to add 5-6mm of width to each axle.

I guess I also need to convert the axles to 17mm hex.

On a 1/10 scale wheel... the answer is simple - just buy 6mm offset wheels.

Its important to me to be able to use standard 1/8 wheels so I have more of a selection.


The 12mm to 17mm conversion kits... do they add any width to the car?

If not.... what would be a feasable solution? I have seen "widening kits" but they are claiming to add 17mm of width to each axle... WAY too much.