1/16 revo breaking

  1. Rc_bill74
    What problems has everyone had with the revo?
  2. 1badbasher
    Depends on the driver, for me it was temps, but ive fixxed it
  3. e-revo
    My revo has had no problems.
  4. Beaz
    after 12 months, needed a new set of sub-axles, bearings, rear diff., from wear and tear..heavy bashing alot! But these are not really problems.
    So.....aftermarket product choice...some are NO GOOD. Go the plastics (mainly )
  5. e-revo
    I need some rear diffs and a servo.
  6. Beaz
    I wonder when I'll break my next front bumper mount? NEVER!!!!
  7. Remz3
    For me also it was more temperature on the motor and esc, but smaller pinion, heatsink, cut outs seemed to have helped
  8. nathan8856
    shredded my rear diff with 3s lipo geared 32/50
  9. erevoking202020
    I cracked my chassis from heavy bashing but besides that no problems.
  10. erevoking202020
    I just ordered 16th scale summit tires for my merv and was wondering if you guys know any cool bodies for my merv. I'm Probably going to get a slash 16th scale body Scott Douglas edition. But if you have any suggestions they'd be greatly appreciate. Thank you!
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