Has anyone ever wanted a 2 stroke nitro engine?

  1. 1badbasher
    Ok first off I have to say that it seems that traxxas is looking at these post's, for example the lipos, and the Kyle bush rc and the Xo-1!! Im not all shure but it brings me to my point if they listen to the public then we shall get this on the market..... I was thinking about a 2 stroke nitro engine! Unlike the standard one piston engine this one will have two! Think about it there's tons!! Of people expecting for a nitro rc car/truck/truggy ect. And this will make such a big impact to the rc nitro community..

    P.S Thanks allot for the support and keep on posting your great ideas big thanks to all my group members never been done if it was for you!
    P.s.s if you like the idea keep on posting this and together well make it a reality ;)
  2. 1badbasher
    I forgot to mention the 2 stroke engine should be rtr rc car

    Leave you're suggestion on what it should be on for example a
  3. eschmitt4
    never wanted one because im nota nitro fan but that would be sweet and i think it would be another game changer for the nitro rcs and traxxas would get some street cred for that......truck buggy truggy and or boat/car!
  4. d.jossund
    im thinkin about a nitro. i love the speed. how much faster wold a 2 stroke go?
  5. 1badbasher
    It would b heavy so don't think it would go faster.... :/ but it will sound very loud and have lots of torque
  6. Reilly630
    I'm not trying to bash the idea but the engines are already 2-strokes, which means theres no valves intake or exhaust and are lubricaed by the oil added into the fuel when the piston goes up it draws in fuel/oil and air into the crankcase and expells the spent fuelfrom the stroke before as it goes back down it pushes the fuel up into the combustion chamber and the force from th combstion brings the piston back up to compress the mixture again to create the power. The correct term for an engine your thinking of would be a v-twin nitro 2 stroke. Run time would be shortened but nothing a larger tank can't handle tuning would be a little more difficult. And i dont believe i've seen a v-twin 2 stroke before but i could be mistaken but i don't believe its possible.
  7. hobbyclassrc
    You are right, they are like 2 stroke diesel things.
  8. hobbyclassrc
    I would like to see a 4 stroke...... that would be sweet. More effeciant.
  9. hobbyclassrc
    By the way, 2-stroke refers to the number of strokes, or up and down movements of the piston (1 stroke=either up OR down, half a turn of the crankshaft.) per fire of the gas/air mixture, not the number of pistons.
  10. Vinny Rubio
    You guys are stupid, the engines are already 2 strokes.
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