1. laKrazy
    Actually i just bought the Rustler thinking i was going to use the Mamba monster that i bought on my velineion motor that came with the Rustler and it was doing fine<had weights on front so wouldnt wheely much set timing for off road every thng good , but after a couple runs with that set up, i say 2-4 runs a day my Velenion started to smoke and and it burned out very bad smell and no didnt use it for speed runs my cars are strictly for off road.using a 2s gens ace 4000mah lipo,Mamba monster pro and velinion just bought the whole set up fresh out store didnt run it with stock only on set up that i posted. I would of put the mamba motor in it but waiting on gear box and motor mount. but why did my Motor burn out ????
  2. traxxas emaxx
    Can you put a Mamba Monster in a slash 2wd??
  3. i killed kenny
    i killed kenny
    yeah, alot of members have done this setup already, if im not mistaken i think someone put a xo-1 motor in a 2wd slash
  4. Jboswell83
    Anybody know if the mamba monster x is a direct fit to a stampede4x4 vxl it’s the 1515 2200kv motor and monster x esc or do I have to modify my truck
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