Slash 4x4 model 6808.

  1. Islanders
    I have a Slash 4x4 model 6808. All of a sudden today after running it earlier I am unable to get any lights on. When I press the ez set button nothing happens. I have tried 2 batteries that I know are charged and good, but same thing happens. Is this an engine blown, or something else possibly? How do I even troubleshoot when I can't get it on. Please help. Thanks, Anthony
  2. rc hobbiest
    (lolz my names anthony) hey i think either you're engine was worked to death or you need to replace you're ez set. it should'nt have anything to do with you're batteries unless they are totally uncharged.
    happened to me. mine was a case of sticky button. just a little wd-40 and it worked again... this is an old post so i hope this still helps
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