first discussion!!!

  1. rustlersvxl4life
    Ok lets start of by introducing our self, then you can talk about anything from mods to everyday things.
    Ok im rustlersvxl4life formerly know as rustlervxl4life, I have a successful YouTube channel and I love to upgrade my. Rc cars,
    I have a summit rustler stampede and. A savage flux hp
  2. RCtecUSA
    I'm RCTecUSA. I also have a youtube channel, and will be posting videos soon.
    I have a E-Maxx Brushless Edition, an E-Revo Brushless Edition, a Slash 4x4, and a Kyle Busch Race Replica (1/16 Rally).
  3. e-revo
    I am e-revo and I have the 1 16 e-revo and the emaxx
  4. Garrett01
    I am a nitro driver but I like electric to so I have a t-maxx 3.3 ( my first hobby grade RC ) a losi micro sct and I am hoping to get a jato 3.3 for Christmas and hopeful if I can something something small like a 1/16 slash or something
  5. Jimdog
    I have a mini slash.
  6. mtn dewyy
    i have a hobbypeople sandstorm
    can anyone tell me if taking it to glamis sand dunes is a good idea
    could really use the help
  7. KillerSquid07
    Hi I am KillerSquid07. I own a stampede 2wd.I have a question regarding bodies
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