New tires for rustler vxl

  1. KamFree
    So, I am looking for a new set of tires for my rusty. I need a set for on and off road. I ride 70% on asphalt road and 30% on a dirt road. I've been look for a tire for both. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  2. Traxxasfome
    Have you tried the Anaconda road tires that Traxxas sells?
  3. fmcgregor
    Maybe try something like aka chainlink in a hard compound? Or something similar. The low profile tread might allow for good traction on the road as well as it is designed for dusty tracks so it would work good on your dirt road. Realistically on road and off road tires are completly different so idealy you would want a set for both.
  4. papadonkey
    I would recommend the Duratrax Bandito ST tires. They look like optimal tire for the 70/30 usage you intend.
  5. Rcphotography
    I use slash tires, almost any work, to give a tighter fit i use TRA365
  6. Tip me please
    I would buy the same model of tires that came with the car.
  7. traxxas god
    traxxas god
    Get pro-line dirt hawg tire mounted on desperado black rims. They look good and run even better than they look. Do not get the duratrax bandito. To much of a road tire than a dirt tire.
  8. traxxas god
    traxxas god
    The dirt hawgs work well on dirt and on road because they are not as aggressive as badlands but not as slick as primes.
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