Traxxas 2wd VXL OBA TSM

  1. gerardorejeg
    Hi guys I am new to thia hobby.. I have been flying drones for the past two years and since it is darn cold out I decided to start a new hobby... I decided to go with the traxxas slash VXL with tsm and oba 2wd.... in blue... so far I love the car.. it is fast... love the oba sound and the tsm

    although I only use the tsm at 45% i find 50% is a little unnecessary ... I like to be able to fish tail when I suposed to but still I like it to go straight when i hit full throttle... I also made the back suspension higher a little bit and front as well since there are a lot of rocks ony driveway... makes it stiffer also... with the lcg chassis I havent tiped the car not even is a beautifull machine for sure.. i am getting a dirt cover from dust motors that is on its way... anyways.. I am new here...and new to thia hobby.... cheers:) RIP THE TRACK
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