5000mah battery

  1. Aronsatonawol
    Anyone else's battery swell up and get puffy ? Then not get but 15 min flight time of lucky ?
  2. Aronsatonawol
    I've got the screwiest aton ever 3 flight it did a fly away luckily I found it 3/4 mi away in tree tops main frame was broken among other things sent it to traxxas they "fixed" everything well now it does RTH BEFORE hitting geo Fence or ceiling flight link app only connects with 1 of 5 of my devices . Every time i fly it tells me firmware update available even though I just did update flight link app connects disconnects connects disconnects over an over my R1 is busted so I use L1 as air brakes but cannot change mode in flight unless I hit RTH LET IT land disarm then switch .I just just becoming a hassle to fly. Anyone else have these kinds of problems?
  3. Powermissle
    The 5000mAh Batt that came with my Aton began swelling before I bought it. Thinking nothing of it, I used it until it began to swell to the point it would barely fit in the battery slot and removal after flight was harder. Worried the charge wires would pull loose, I called Traxxas Support. I was told to send a picture of the battery and proof of purchase. Within an hour of doing so I received an email indicating that a new battery was on its way from Traxxas. I have since purchased an EZ Peak charger with Storage function and 2 additional 5000mAh batteries which are a month or so old now. So far, all 3 batteries are good as new. The way we charge and store our Lipo batteries can shorten their life if not done correctly but theres also no guarantee you won't have issues with a new battery from the start. Since a bad battery can be dangerous with continued use, its worth giving Traxxas support a call to see what they can do for you.
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