Oval racing

  1. Spudwinkle
    I have a 2wd slash I would like to race, it has the stock titan motor and nimh battery pack and would like to keep the truck stock if possible. I was wondering if anyone is still running stock driveshafts. It has steel shafts right now but it was purchased used and I found out after the fact that there are no bearings for the driveshafts inside the carriers. I'm betting I will have to replace the carriers and was thinking about going back to stock shafts. I'm still a newbie to r/c but I do know "some" things just need to be pointed in the right direction. Thanks
  2. Ovaldirtracer
    Hey there buddy, first lat me say welcome to the race scene. As far as keeping the axles,truck stock feel free to. I race all mine on outdoor clay oval. most of my rigs are stock suspension with the exception of 1 Hope that helps you out.
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