What have u done with ur stampede xl and vxls

  1. Jdawg25
    I have only broken mine 2 times. First- head-to-head collision with my dads grave digger 30. Second- I literally dont know. They were both in 2015. Ever since then Ive been going full speed with my pede at my neighbors tree. It even did a 1-wheeled backflip off my old ash tree. That was epic. Did not break at all. My pede is TOUGH.
  2. Jboswell83
    I have a stampede 4x4 vxl with a lot of mods to start with I got Tbone racing front bumper and servo guard and Mip driveshafts front and rear integy piggyback shocks front and rear rpm aarms front and rear rpm shock towers front and rear rpm caster blocks and steering blocks on the front and rpm rear bearing carriers on the rear and 1/8th scale rims and street tires from duratrax and I got a set of exceed racing knobbys for the dirt and Mip 17mm hex’s front and rear sway bar kit front and rear integy rear arm brace castle creations 1/10scale sidewinder sct 3800kv motor and esc proline Chevy 2500hd body and proline screw on body mounts ant to come I don’t know what brand but motor mount and motor plate and Traxxas bearing adapter going to get the last three things today
  3. Jdawg25
    Sounds like u got a lot of good parts on there. Next year im celebrating my 5th anniversery of driving my stapede. This year i am having my 5th anniversery of driving my 1/16 grave digger and driving traxxas. I blew my pedes motor this year by using an 8-cell. But RPM is very good.
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