revo on the juice

  1. tats4u
    i was looking at the nitrous kit online,and was wondering what a new engines life would be?i know you have too figure that you not running it all the time.i was gonna put push button on my transmiter.
  2. ozziii
    Not worth the hassle, all nitrous really does is add more oxygen to the fuel mix, pretty much the same as adding more nitro fuel to the fuel mix, if your running 20% nitro then step up to 25 or 30% nitro & get the same effect. Having a nitro engine tuned to the correct nitro content Then adding extra oxygen would cause the engine to run to lean & more than likely cause engine damage, same goe's with the supercharger kits, they are just an air pump but the supercharger runs all the time so the engine could be tuned to run properly without leaning out. The cost would far out way any advantage with both systems though.
  3. tats4u
    i was thinking the same thing so on my new 3.3 i now use 33% fuel.and love it
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