1. wghowe1
    I am running 6S on an all stock E Revo 2.0. Ever since I got it a month ago, it has had issues where I lose all responsiveness at about 100 yds distance for maybe 10-20 seconds. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. It definitely happens at least once on every run though. A lot of times I can turn the TSM down all the way and it will come right back to life. Other times it just comes back when it wants to. By then I have usually started walking towards it. The hobby shop where I bought it has worked well with me and have so far replaced the receiver, ESC and motor. The problem is still there though. Is this just normal and does Traxxas just make junk electronics or should I replace the transmitter. Thats about all it could be at this point because if this is normal then I donít even want the **** thing. Any insight would be appreciated.
  2. Walter Adams
    Thats great your shop was working with you. Most will tell you to go right through Traxxas support. They usually stand by their product pretty well. Sound like if its not the RX it could be the transmitter. try swapping RX & TX with a friend for a day and see if it still happens.
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