Nitro Slayer Pro 4x4 - The handheld unit of the EZ start

  1. KoalaBear57
    So I bought a brand new Nitro Slayer Pro 4x4 a little over 2 weeks ago now and still havenít been able to drive it. Reason being, the handheld unit, once plugged into the truck, neither of the lights come on on the handheld unit. Just holding it in my hand and hitting the button the motor light comes on other than that, nothing. Iím ****ed cause it has been nice the last week and a half where I live and nice weather Any tips or anything will be helpful. Just extremely disappointed something like this is preventing me from driving it. I tried fixing the blue wire prong cause it kept getting pushed in, that got ruined, so I bought a second handheld unit and the same issue occurs. I had to superglue the blue wire to the wall of the inside of the handheld unit for it not to get pushed back. Iím able to get it securely on the prongs of the truck but no lights come on when I press the ez start button. Even before supergluing it there were no lights coming on after firmly secured.
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