What kind of batteries?

  1. JaxDuuuval
    Hi all. Im new to this forum so I hope this is the right place for his question. I haven't had an RC in alot of years but my wife just bought me a rustler 4x4. I'm looking to get more batteries for it. Any suggestions on which ones to order and if I need to upgrade anything else? It's stock right now but I will be slowly upgrading.
  2. Jamieob1
    I'm looking at the Floureon 2s 30c 4000mh hard case batteries available everywhere online. They look amazing value and watching reviews seem to get good feedback. It strikes me they are a brand that has completed dominated the lipo market. Although cheap and obviously true asian mass production at it worst, I can't see trying one of there batteries is a bad shout. Anyone disagree?
    Looking at them I think if you went hardcase you wouldn't have to modify battery tray, not that doing so would be much of a bother
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