Tie rod ends?

  1. NewToTheTraxxis
    So I just installed new tie rod ends on my Revo, which is about the fifth time since ive had it in the same spot. Ive heard that its one of the flaws of the vehicle so I do plan on upgrading to titanium as soon as possible.

    My question is... is there a certain way they need to be turned when bolted in. I tried my best to match it with the other side which was factory done so im hoping right I was just curious if this is one of the things I may be doing wrong to cause this problem.

    And one more question is. Does it matter if one of my tie rod ends has a ring on the end of it and the other side doesn't? From what ive read the only difference I could find was that they thread differently. But after struggling to get the ends on the rods that's the only solution I came to was putting to one without the ring at the top. I will try to attach a photo for better understanding.

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