1. mtn dewyy
    hi all
    im 12 and love rc stuff
    i was wondering if anyone could tell me if bringing my hobbypeople sandstorm to glamis sand dunes is a ggod idea
  2. traxxasrcracer
    its a brushless right? you can but do alot of cleaning and checking after you have finished with the sand.because it can rust and other problems.
  3. Tylert21
    I have a question for you guys my traxxas slash 2wd is running funny in reverse. It kind of jumps for the first couple of feet and then it gets going. I have figured out that the 70/30 50/50 switch is causing the car to kind of jump when it is just sitting there. All I had to do was keep the switch to the right all the way. I just can't figure out why it won't run right. If I am going forward and then try to throw it into reverse it kind of delays and then does the thing. Please let me know if u know anything on this.
  4. d.jossund
    I HAVE A QUESTION. I am nine and have a stampede. I live on a farm so i drive through lots of things. do you have any idea on what tires would be good year round for snow, sand, gravel, mud, and slush??????? the ones i have do not have any traction on ice. HELP!!! And, what can i do to preven rust?
  5. d.jossund
    Sooooo stupid
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