how do i switch mode on my slash 4x4

  1. tmaxxslashboy
    ive hade my truck for about a week i think its stuck in race mode i have no reverse atm . like a retard i had to play with the buttons on the truck now noreverse can anyone explian how to switch modes if u want u can email or even call on phone 832 642 2961 please help
  2. traxxasdude5
    all you do is press the ez set button and hold until the light starts blinking 1blink = sport mode 100% forward 100% brake 100% reverse.
    2 blinks = race mode 100% forward 100% brake no reverse.
    3 blinks = training mode 50% forward 100% brake 50% reverse.

    I got this out of my rustler vxl manual but the system is universal. hope that helps!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. tmaxxslashboy
    it took me like 30min of reading that book to understand it how to set modes
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