Should i get a Jato

  1. corey hoten
    Hi there I am thinking about buying a Jato....I currently have a Thunder Tiger EB4 and want something a bit quicker and up to date...i saw the
    jato and thought it looked really cool....
    Let me know,
  2. 15_kowalick
    you should DEFIANTLY purchase a Jato 3.3 by traxxas once you experience the speed of the Jato youll never walk away from it. The Jato is also VERY durable. Hit couple things very hard but it keeps comin back for more!
    hope this helps,
    Keith Kowalick
  3. BLue Thunder
    Jatos are extremely fast and have impressive acceleration. They have durable motors installed that are fairly easy to tune if you have experience with nitro models. I heard they can do wheelies in second gear (haven't attempted that with mine considering it is missing it's wheelie bar...) They are definitely a must have in any nitro enthusiast's garage.
    P.S. How was the Thunder Tiger EB4? :) Just curious.
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