Favorite Place To Bash

  1. CBD55
    What is your favorite place to bash with your stampede?
  2. Jawehner1419
    I have some ramps and I might be going a locale track.
  3. Jawehner1419
    Where do you bash
  4. CBD55
    Mostly in my backyard, lol. I've brought my stampede to the track but my TMaxx did a lot better so I mostly ran that.
  5. Jawehner1419
    oh ya i mainly am in my back yard and my 6 year old neighboors watch me jump a 5 foot ramp. lol. I do speed runs on the street in front of my house
  6. CBD55
    I wish the street in front of my house was better. Theres a hill so you can't see cars coming so I don't go on my road.
  7. Shadow_summit757
    I bash at this park that has a some sand that was left there, flat dirt fields that creates a trail of dust behind my Pede.
  8. pede98
    has to be my driveway... yard is also fun but i have a long gravel driveway which is fun pretty much year round... winter is great for making big snow jumps(also leads to a ton of broken parts... but it is worth it to see the stampede fly!!!!)
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