I have a T-MAXX with 1in stacks and a 72 square body chevy on it and it has custom bumpers and skid plates i have a bored out 1.5 to a 2.0 big oversized head new sleave and piston, has all the best servos that i could find. Now its time to change it up and get the 2.5 RTR and new wheels and tires probley goin to bore it to and put another oversized head on it to, i found a supper charger kit for it but im not to happy wit my friend that has one its still the same speed but i still might get one and make it work for some boost in the tube. I have been trying to post pics how do you do it cause i cant seem to find where to put them. I am a new guy on the Traxxas site so be easy wit me just trying to figure out what kind of people are out there and get some new ideas for my new project that im doing. Thanks and hit me up some time wit some T-MAXX ideas.
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