True RC Monster Truck

  1. hobbyclassrc
    Solid axle, 4 wheel steering, 4 wheel drive, 4 link suspension, ladder frame brushless dirtslinger!
  2. hobbyclassrc
    What do you guys think about my idea?
  3. revoman78
    Would it be totally custom or would you build it off another platform?
  4. hobbyclassrc
    I would like it to be totally custom, but might find myself going off a different platform....... don't know. Hopefully I can make it all myself.
  5. hobbyclassrc
    Would be challenging though
    I`m thinking of using cut up a biycle tire and super glue and make griped tires for my LaTraxx 1/18 scale rally car. Oh and one more thing could that burn up the motor????
  7. hobbyclassrc
    I'm not sure if that would work, those tires would not bend well at the seal. But its worth a try. just keep tabs on motor temps
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