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  1. RoyaltySoon
    My first rc hobby grade car was a rusty vxl. I've broken and replaced all beginner going to fast running into stuff parts. Shock caps, casterblocks, stubshaft carriers, bulk head(just because), many driveshaft(metal u joints keep popping out of plastic shaft)... and not much more yet. A few things in amazon shopping cart just waiting on them to break! I love my rusty, but my question is what would be a nice 2nd car? I like bashing and speed, but I'm looking more towards a 4x4 with some zip. Any input at all would be much appropriated! ThAnk you!
  2. Shadow_summit757
    Get a Slash 2wd or 4wd and add 2.8 pro-Line Trenchers on it you have a Slash Mt for bashing, or stampede 2wd or 4wd. Get MIP Driveshafts, STRC makes great Aluminum Parts and RPM makes great parts too. Also Get Some SPC LiPOs for your rusty.
  3. RoyaltySoon
    I got a guy in my area saleing a slash 4x4 ultimate for a really nice price. Any negative thoughts about that model?
  4. The man11
    The man11
    Rally or xo-1 for onroad slash 4wd vxl for off-road if u want high centor of gravity 4wd slash ultimate if u want
    low center of gravity
  5. The man11
    The man11
    Oh and u could also get the new telluride and buy a brushless motor im pretty sure that is all 4wd with exception of stampede 4wd and emaxx/erevo
  6. Shadow_summit757
    Slash ultimate is a good choice.
  7. Shadow_summit757
    The X0-1 is not a good choice for a newbie.
  8. The man11
    The man11
    actually if u have a rustler vxl and want something faster on road the XO-1 would be a great option keep in mind if u keep throttle under control it would be a great second car
  9. Shadow_summit757
    We build an XO-1 at the shop and we are going to take it to Langley Speedway ,were trying to hit 120mph, anyway the XO-1 needs a lot of space to drive.
  10. RoyaltySoon
    The everyone! Instead of getting the slash I got a few things for the rusty. I went from 45 full throttle on 2s, to 40 @ half throttle on 3s. When I can open it up im going to see what top speed is. I switched back to stock gearing until I get my suspension setup perfect. I still might get the ultimate
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