Help educate ME before I lose my mind!

  1. ofdisme
    Hello to all and TYVM in advance for any advice and schooling . Im new to traxxas and owning a rustler vxl and really know hardly anything about the car but want to know as much as possible so all advice and or suggestions first question is ......I have Traxxas 3350R Velineon VXL-3s Waterproof 3500 Brushless Motor & ESC Power System........the coating of black wire on my ESC has 1/2" of wire exposed, Do I need to replace to prevent further damage to car/system? and how do I know what ESC are compatible with my car?.....please cut me some slack Im completely new to all this....well lets just say IM old lol last RC car I had was a grasshopper in 1988. I broke my arm (open compound fracture to radius and unla) and IM a fire fighter thats normally unable to sit still so IM losing my mind and figured this was perfect time to get back in to having fun with an amazingly kick *** RC car. So please help a brother out and fill me in on any knowledge you can! TYVM be safe
  2. ofdisme
    CORRECTION I have Traxxas 3355R Velineon VXL-3s Waterproof 3351R Brushless Motor & ESC Power System if that matters Sorry as u can see I need schooling
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