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  1. Super Z
    Super Z
    So, My name is John, I'm 17, and my main interest is racing my quad (as you may have guessed). I have a TRX 250EX and I race the Mideast Harescramble Series here in NC. There are a few races in SC, too. I hope to get a 400 or 450 soon... I also have a dream in the back of my head to race the Baja 1,000 Ironman one day.

    In order to get in shape for racing I'm doing some P90X and I love it! Some of my other interests are guitar, model rockets, and video games... So, if you want just post some stuff about yourself here. :)
  2. Meebert
    My name is michael, I ride a 2008 KTM 450 XC-F, and I'm 19. I mostly race the Valley Dirt riders Harescrambles, but generally I ride everything, I've raced a few enduros and a few arena-cross races and an outdoor motocross. Funny you mention the baja 1000 my dad had a team of riders together and went out to race the baja 1000 back in 2005 or 2006, in the pre-run practice he met Travis Pastrana, sure enough within an hour of meeting him my dad was on his way to the hospital with a dislocated shoulder. Now days since I'm in college I don't ride as often as I used to, I still ride every month plus or minus a few weeks but at one point I rode every other weekend almost for a year. My little brother who just turned 16 races motorcoss more seriously than I ever did, he's just getting yellow nnumber plates to show that he's a B-class motorcross rider. My friend touched up this action pic
  3. Super Z
    Super Z
    That pic doesn't work...
  4. Super Z
    Super Z
    None of these are working, even for me. I need to figure this out...
  5. Meebert
    (part 2)
    I was in shape in high school because I ran track, I was qualified for state my senior year when I broke my collar bone, then last easter almost exactly one year after my first injury I broke my collar bone again, went and saw the same doctor at the hospital. Since then I've really had trouble picking it up to get in shape, I go on 30 minute runs every 2-3 weeks hoping to eventually get serious, my brother's friend also does P90-X the progress he made was incredible. Besides that I have an interest in video games but I don't play too often, I play facebook tetris every day but hardly anything else because I moved out of the dorm's at CSU into an apartment where I don't have a wired connection, so I play at my patrnts house when I go home on the weekends.
    here's a video of my tetris skills :)
  6. Super Z
    Super Z
    Back in 2009 I was shooting a BB gun (some of you know this story). I didn't use my safety glasses that I had resting on my forehead. The BB bounced back, hitting me in the left eye. By Christmas I noticed my vision started going bad. We just thought I needed glasses, so we went to an eye doctor. They said my cornea was torn and it was making my vision horrible in that eye. So, back on October 11th, 8 days after my very first race, I had a cornea transplant. I couldn't ride until January, which also meant I couldn't race the last two races they were having that year.
  7. Super Z
    Super Z

    So, I watched my dad and our friends race, as I walked around with an eyepatch over my left eye to keep the dirt out. I was doing 3 different eye drops 3 times a day for a while. Then a special cream type stuff, too. I still do two different prescription eye drops now. I still have 15 stitches in my eye that itch every so often. It has been a crazy experience. I often think about writing a book about my life story... Which wouldn't be only about that, though... But, IDK. And, it's pathetic how many guys I see racing with no goggles on from the beginning...
  8. streetdemon
    I will admit I have ridden with my goggle pulled down over the chin part of the helmet when they fog up. However I only do this when I am not behind someone. But for what it's worth I'm ripping on a trike so that's dangerous enough already (I personally don't think so but that's what I hear, really you just have to respect what the machine is and is not capable of and you're fine).

    I am 21 and work as a machinist for a company that manufactures gun trigger assemblies. Geissele Automatics to be exact. I just put a deposit on a quad today that I can't wait to tear up Jersey with next weekend.
  9. Super Z
    Super Z
    Sounds cool. I'll figure out why these pics aren't working and then you can show it to us.
  10. Meebert
    When I raced my last hare scramble in the snow I had to ride for about 30 minutes in the snow without goggles, it wasn't a fog problem it was a slush build up problem, let's see if the album works
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