1. thetitan12tkllr
    Hi any help with my truck?
  2. thetitan12tkllr
    I want to do cheap upgrades what do u suggests I have stock pede 2wd
  3. sunstorm5
    upgrade to a new battery or run motor in cup of water for half hour at half throttle
  4. Slashbasher71
    My brother has a Stampede 2wd XL-5. I have a Slash 4x4 Platinum. I helped my brother out with his Stampede. First, got him aluminum front and rear bearing carriers. Then aluminum caster blocks. RPM suspension links, Proline transmission, upgraded his brushed system to the VXL brushless, Hot Racing aluminum servo saver and high torque metal gear servo, RPM front bumper, Proline Slash rear bumper, and a 7 cell nimh 3300mah racers edge battery. Put Slayer tie rods on(stocks ones are dinky). It's taken some time, and money, but he doesn't even drive it hardly. He would probably sell it.
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