TMaxx HELP!!!!!!!

  1. BKWagner2
    I'd like to know how much it would cost to do this type of work.
    **fully custom Traxxas Tmaxx 3.3. Started as a 2.5 which has been customized to a 3.3. The transmission is a 2.5 which has been completely rebuilt with new gears and reverse removed. The new 3.3 motor was just finished being broken in and just tuned at my local hobby shop.
    Brand new clutch springs
    Transmission shafts upgraded to the larger 3.3 shafts
    New rd logics twin pipe
    Spring mod done to brake rotor
    Savox high torque steering servo
    Brand new Traxxas battery pack for receiver
    Brand new Traxxas remote and receiver
    New integy piggy back shocks w/30w oil
    Integy aluminum includes front and rear upper and lower arms, battery box, receiver box, shock bulkheads, body mounts, front, rear and center skid plates, chassis and braces, front and rear bumpers and mounts
    Aluminum steering mounts, throttle post and servo brackets
    Upgraded tie rods and drive shafts
    17mm hubs
    Brand new Traxxas rims and tires
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