Problem with the new 2085X

  1. StefdeBiot
    Hi, I'm new here, from France, and recently got the new XMAXX 8S. I've just upgraded to the new 2085X. I've got a problem that I can't solve. As soon as I plug the servo, the battery...all tests is OK (see video here) :

    [U]Vid ithout the arm (servo OK) :[/U]

    [U]Vid with the arm (servo OK) :[/U]

    PROBLEM : But as soon as I link the arm of the servo (steering rod) with the piece on top of the big spring (new one), the wheels can't turn (left and right) [B][U]manually[/U][/B] when [U]engine is OFF[/U]. Something blocks the movement of the wheels left and right. If engine is ON I feel that the servo has difficulties to make the wheels turn left and right. The servo is brand new and I don't want to make a run in this situation not to break the servo.

    [U]The wheels can't turn manually (engine is OFF) - :[/U]

    Do you think you can help ?

  2. Striker7876
    I'm having problems to with servos I'm going through one everytime I go out with my xmaxx
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