M.I.P. X-Duty CVD drive shafts

  1. Slashbasher71
    I have a Slash 4x4 Platinum. I have M.I.P. X-duty cvd drive shafts all that way around. I love how they're made. They are very strong, heavy duty. I see an area that could be improved upon. Where the 2 set screw pins mount the female half of the shafts to the differential our puts has play . I installed Revo screw pins where the 2 screw pins. It uses 1 pin per axle, and it seems to take a lot of the play out of where the female axle half connects to the diff. Also, the splines onthe male half, and the splines on the female half have a lot of play in them. The tolerances are too loose, so that all leads to premature wear. If the tolerances were tighter, with machining, that would tighten up the play. This would make a great drive shaft even better (imho).
  2. Jboswell83
    I have a set of Mip xduty cvds on my stampede 4x4 vxl and one my one side the threads are wearing down I also got Mip 17mm hex and I got another one that is starting to do the same thing I’ve owned them for about a year or so
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