1. borgador17
    I see a lot of posts that use the terms the battery was warm or cool, and the motor was hot or running cool.
    Warm, hot and cool are relative terms.
    I'm running a MERV converted to a Rally. I'm using the MERV speed pinion on 2s Lipo power.
    When I'm done with a run (about 20 minutes) my motor is about 180F (70F ambient temp) taken off the heat sink fins, the ESC is about 160F on the heat sink and the battery is about 130F.
    All temps taken with a cheap infrared thermometer from Harbor Freight.

    Are these normal numbers? what does everyone else get after a run?
  2. E-RevoVXL
    Whoa!! Those are HIGH temperatures; I'm actually surprised that your ESC/Motor isn't having problems or has busted yet!!
  3. borgador17
    OK, why would I be pulling such high numbers?
    There's very little drag in the drive train. I'm running the smaller MERV pinion with the stock spur and Rally wheels/tires which are much smaller than the stock MERV wheel/tires...
    My top speed seems to be about 35 mph (I'm guessing at that as I don't have a radar gun).
    Maybe I need to tear it apart and double check everything.
    Oh yeah I used a piece of notebook paper between the pinion and spur to set the backlash.
  4. E-RevoVXL
    At about 180 degrees, the ESC/motor will start to have problems, then, at 200 degrees, or around that, the ESC with do a thermal shut down.

    I don't know why you would be getting high temperatures, though.
  5. Restlessrustler
    what gearing?
  6. borgador17
    pretty sure it's 23/50 pinion/spur in it. Once I get moved I'm going to do a full tear down and check for any binding and probably switch to a 55 tooth spur.
  7. E-RevoVXL
    You're moving? Where to? I hope that doesn't sound too stalker-ish.
  8. borgador17
    I'm just moving across town. We wanted a house with a basement.
  9. hav24wheel
    Its geared too low. Up the gearing and see what its at. Gearing too low will cause heat issues just like gearing too high.
  10. borgador17
    Well I got moved now just to get a work area set up, and tear down the rally.
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