Who has sponsors?

  1. Super Z
    Super Z
    Let's go here to post our sponsors. I recently joined hookit.com and I already have one sponsor from there, as well as one pending. My 2011 sponsors right now are keepitroostin.com and steelmx.com. I'm waiting to hear from some others...
  2. Super Z
    Super Z
    I'm now sponsored by Fluid Recovery Drinks! Here's the site! www.livefluid.com!
  3. ToXiC MeRv
    ToXiC MeRv
    I just got sponsored by "Monster Energy Drinks" if you haven't seen the thread. http://traxxas.com/forums/showthread.php?8920582-I-Got-Sponsored!&p=4862417#post4862417
  4. Super Z
    Super Z
    Once again, congrats!!!
  5. Super Z
    Super Z
    I now have...


  6. orca44
    Does it count if I sponser my kids and grand kids????


  7. Super Z
    Super Z
    I guess it does, orca... lol.
  8. Super Z
    Super Z
    I just signed the contract with Leatt braces! That makes 5 official sponsors! :D

    SteelMX Optics
    FLUID Recovery Drinks
    Leatt Braces
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