Let's get to know one another a little bit...

  1. Super Z
    Super Z
    Nope, it doesn't. I sent a PM to Dadx2mj the other day but he hasn't responded yet..

    I got a pair of those Scotts Works goggles with the film for my b-day. You know, with the film you can roll up or you can use the tear-offs. I love those!
  2. oldbikedude
    I'm Eric and I'm 14. Thats about it. Haha.
  3. drmmrboi44
    I'm Dan and I'm 14 and I have a 2008 yamaha ttr 230 that I race and ride around my property and trails around my town. I've also got my bro who has a yfz 450 which is insane and I ride with him. But I play drums and race rc and play Xbox. That's about it... I've got a FLM EMBE a ERBE a MERV and a b44 that I'm selling to my friend. I run the two on 6s and the MERV on 3s so I guess you could say Im a power junky. Lol :D oh and my friend who I ride with who is on these forums has a yz 125 race bike that's bored out with a pro circuit pipe and the thing is crazy and way faster than my bike lol. But yeah that's a very short version of my story...
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