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  1. Super Z
    Super Z
    So, we'll post here if we have an upcoming race. I have one this Sunday (May 22) in Cowpens, SC. While practicing for this race I broke a bearing in my steering stem and have busting my butt to get this thing fixed. But, it looks like I'll be able to just in time for Saturday when we leave for our 4 hour drive. Hopefully my 250EX and myself will hold out through the race as I've been looking forward to this race more than any others. All I've heard about it is that it's tight, and that's where I start catching all the other 400's and 450's the most. I'll just have to pace myself and not go too fast. It takes longer to finish the race after you hit a tree and have hardly any steering than it is to slow down a little and not hit any of the few trees that are in the 6+ mile trails... I'll let you know my results. :)
  2. Super Z
    Super Z
    Ok, so I have a race in Henderson, NC next week (June 19th, I think). It's not our regular series, but we're going just for the fun of it. We're done with our other series until August... We get a Summer break because who wants to race in +100 weather?
  3. Super Z
    Super Z
    I'll be going to a race on July 31st. It's the same series as the last race. I'll be racing the C Lite class, which will consist of only 200-250cc quads! The trails used to be only for dirtbikes, however the people hosting the series have been working to widen the trails some. Hopefully, this'll mean fairly tight trails anyway. I've got some potential for doing very well here. I was looking at the lap times from the last race. The guy who won the C Lite class that day was running about a 25 minute lap: I was running right at the same lap times, one lap was even a second or two faster... If the trails are tight, if the other C Lite racers aren't great at tight trails, if I bring my A game, and if I don't crash, I could do very well, maybe even win my first race. However, I'll pace myself and won't push myself over the limit. That's when you crash, and crashing slows you down... Wish me luck! :)
  4. ToXiC MeRv
    ToXiC MeRv
    Don't know when my next race is. For now its just practice twice a week
  5. Super Z
    Super Z
    With somebody elses' bike...? :p When do you think you'll get yours back?
  6. ToXiC MeRv
    ToXiC MeRv
    Don't have my bike yet. Getting it in september
  7. Super Z
    Super Z
    Ok, cool... Get some videos! :)
  8. Super Z
    Super Z
    Our next race is next Sunday (July 31st). I was gonna race the no-points class since this isn't in our regular series. But when I found out that they're not even gonna do the no-points class for this race I looked into the other classes. Turns out there is a C Lite class. It's only for 200-250cc quads! Perfect for me and my 250EX! So, I looked to see how many people raced in that class at our last race... (Our last race was the same series, the VXCS). There were only a few guys running C Lite that day. But then I looked at the lap times of the guy who won that class at NCMP (the last track). Come to find out I was running right at the same lap times as the guy who won the C Lite class last time! The trails in this next track used to be for dirtbikes only. However, the race crews have been working to make them wider, for the quads...
  9. Super Z
    Super Z
    Hopefully they'll be fairly tight anyway, because that's where I'm best. (But, the other C Lite guys could be great at tight trails too, since 250's are smaller than 450's, engine wise and frame wise.) So, this'll be an interesting race. I'd love for it to be like five of us all racing together in a pack the whole time, pushing each other! I will have the GoPro HD 960 fully charged and ready to (hopefully) get some awesome footage. I already have the intro for this race ready to go...
  10. Super Z
    Super Z
    I can't wait! Hopefully it won't be very hot that day, like it has been for the past couple of weeks. But, I'll have my hydration pack full of cold water... I got a new sponsor the other day, and I'll be meeting the head guy of that online store at the race. Here's the intro video.


    Also, check out my sponsors!


    (Yeah, this is kinda a re-post, but whatever. There's more info...)
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