Where to bash

  1. kylewelch78
    Hello, well here in k falls not to many places, the local rc club has no motivation to finish the old rc track, and indor carpet racing is just not my thing. got permission from a land owner who has moto jumps(natural land) in his back yard, pretty fun.

    so any other ideas on possibilities on where to run?
  2. Cubic
    Don't know of any organized races going on around there, but there is a great (I've heard) new place in Portland.

  3. Phil-Oliver
    I'm very local and don't have reliable transportation, but from what I understand about an hour or so from where I live (Madras,OR) they have races and more than one hobby shop. I know very little on the racing, but you can check this link and find out more going on in central Oregon.


    Other wise I just bash in the area around my home.
  4. K-Note72
    I'm from a little rinky-dink town northeast of springfield so I'm not up on all of the RC tracks in the state. I do know of a couple, one in Cottage Grove & one on the Santiam hwy just east of lebanon (but as far as i know its outdoor track is still being built so its still indoor carpet). I personally just bash, I go up in the hills like up Shotgun Creek where all the quads go.
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