1/16 4x4 Brushless Summit or 1/16 4x4 Brushless Slash?

  1. RCROB
    I am in the process of purchasing a new RC and am having trouble deciding between 1/16 4x4 Brushless Summit or 1/16 4x4 Brushless Slash. I have not had an RC since the Blackfoot my Dad gave me for my 12th birthday. My son just got his first RC and wants me to have one to race and mess around the yard with. Here are my questions/priorities:

    Durability He breaks his RC enough, I dont need extra trips to the hobby store
    Versatility Jumps, terrain, I live in a woodsy area with all four seasons
    Fun- What the funniest to drive?
    Value Best Value?
    Remote Controls The two RTR kits come with different remotes, pros-cons, should I be concerned?

    Thanks for the input, I have been researching TCs for three weeks and am starting to catch the bug. After I purchase one of the two, Ill be posting more I am sure.
  2. borgador17
    I'd say either would be good
  3. E-RevoVXL
    Go for the 1/16 Summit VXL. It's fast and more off road capable than the Slash VXL 4WD because of the larger tires. If you want the best of both worlds, get the 1/16 E-Revo VXL (MERV), because it does well on both on and off road bashing.
  4. MooseSlash
    I'd go with a 1/16 Slash 4x4, so if you had the urge like me you can mod it to a MERV.
  5. Redsawacs
    based on your description of where you live, so summit...you can always convert it to a slash later if you want
  6. MrTraxxasSlashUltimate
    Redsawacs is right. For your terrain, the brushless summit 1/16 vxl would be the perfect car for you.
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