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  1. Super Z
    Super Z
    Since I think I've solved the mystery of the wierd links I'll make a new place for videos. You can post your Youtube or Vimeo channels here. Or, just each video individually. [B]Remember, we still follow regular TOC rules here... [/B] Here are some of my videos!


    [B][I][U]An extra rule: When posting more than one link, post them like I did, not one after another, after another.....[/U][/I][/B] Thanks, have fun!
  2. orca44
    Here is one from summer 2010 at Glamis.....


    Just highlight the above link, copy then paste in your browser.....enjoy!!!!!
  3. Super Z
    Super Z
    Awesome video, man! Looks like a blast!
  4. Super Z
    Super Z
    Here's a vid of me running a hot lap on my practice track! :)

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