1. Natedog2me
    should i upgrade my pro .15 pede to 3.3 motor
  2. mike-susieq1
    the 3.3 is too much for the pede i would stick with a 2.5R as you will see you wont be able to control the wheelies at all, i have the 2.5 and i cant even hit full throttle without the pede wheelie the whole time at 1/2 throttle. its crazy fast and powerful enough with the 2.5R. the pro.15 has alot of power to make it wheelie on command already and reach speeds of 33 or so but picture the 2.5R is about 2-3 times more powerful than the pro.15 and the wheelies are the same way. i'm gonna get a jato 3.3 wheelie bar for mine in hopes to control the wheelies a little.
  3. wildironman
    3.3 is not to munch if u want more power
  4. Natedog2me
    thanks ill go with 2.5 then
  5. mike-susieq1
    2.5R will give more than enough power to the nitro pede. i have it and have to richen in more than needed to keep the front end down but if you run for performance then your going to have a monster on your hands.
  6. Natedog2me
    how do i convert
  7. Jerone99
    you may want to get 2.5r and a bigger spur gear
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