Best Traxxas for Beginner R/C

  1. akweitnauer
    We bought a Traxxas Summit 2.4 for our 10 year old son. It is way too complicated for him. Which Traxxas model is the best for a starter? What's all the talk about brushless? I need to help him learn from the beginning.

  2. JoshB99
    if you want electric go with like a stampede 2x4 a bandit or rustler those are really easy to operate and understand that was my starter now i have a tmaxx 2.5r
  3. jizzy523
    The rustler is a good pick. it was my first traxxas until i built my own e-maxx. i learned a lot from the rustler now i am set up to run 100mph. it took a lot of trial and error though.
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