What have you done to your maxx?

  1. snowmaxx 3905
    snowmaxx 3905
    What modifacations have you made to your maxx? I'll start, I have rpm all the way around including the truetrack conversion kit, cvd's all the way around, 17mm, aluminum bulkheads front and rear, titan 775, 5 chanel 2.4ghz, proline ford 650 body, hpi jeep rubicon body, and proline moabs mounted on axial oversized wheels. Soon hoping to go bl with the mmm.
  2. smplgy65
    FLM frame and shock towers, RPM front and back. Integy leaky MSR4v2 shocks that work great for me, as long as I keep them full of fluid. lol Integy bulks and diff housings. Traxxas SS shafts, Revo inner drive cups, shimmed stock diffs that hold up great! ALL shock mounting wholes and body posts wholes have been drilled larger to fit larger SS screws. Replaced the stock Traxxas ESC on/off switch.Trenchers on Axial beadlocks, 2- 3s 40C Sky lipos hard case that work killer!! 24/68 gearing MMM 2200kv and nothing but craziness!!!
  3. speedpede09
    Jconcepts rims with talons, traxxas aluminum shock bodies, progresive springs, rpm skids and front bumper, traxxas wheelie bar wheels, modified lowered body post, proline f650, stainless steel screws, and mamba monster max.
  4. BRapp14
    FLM Chassis, RPM A-Arms, RPM Axle Carriers, RPM Shock-Towers, RPM Bumpers, Big Bore Shocks with new springs, Traxxas Aluminum Toe Links, Traxxas CVD's, HexHeads Armor Plated Screw Set, Parma Firetruck Body, 3x Venom 5000 mah 2s Lipos, Mamba Monster System with 28/65 gearing. This thing halls ***, was definitely uncontrollable as a monster truck on 6s Lipo. Ran into fence going about 50 mph, didn't do anything except bend one of my stock shocks which I just replaced to Big Bores. Such a basher now!
  5. hatethmpr
    seems like i have alot to do to catch up...
  6. minirevobasher
    RPM true track, skids, arms, and shock towers. MUCH more to come in the next couple weeks. And i mean $300 worth of upgrades :)
  7. tarus64
    3908 mamba monster,Rpm true track rear,RPM upper/lower a arm front,RPM shock towers,RPM skid plates,RPM front bumber,RPM bulkhead brace front/rear,bigbore shocks,traxxas aluminum wheelie bar wheels,.hpi phaltline 140 x 70 street tire,hpi charger body,The body and street tire combo is subject to change any day now.
  8. davyjones'_fleet
    i just put FLM bulkheads full front and back on my emaxx. this is by far the best truck i ever had from all the others. i even sold my erevo to my sister's fiance cuz he liked them so much and i would rather just put money into one truck rather than two :) i put the big bores on there with 60wt oil but im still not sure what springs to put on there. they are not recovering to normal position cuz the springs are too week. any suggestions?
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