Show it off.

  1. rag6
    I guess we could start it off with pics of your baby.
    Heres mine:

    Custom body
    Trx variable damping kit
    Swaybars set soft
    50 wt oil
    pushrods outer hole
    silver/blue springs
    2 speed with granny gear
    summit axles
    castle 1512 1800kv mmm on 4s
    ofna pirate mt rims and tires
    Ebay $10 alum bumpers(killer)
    3 ch link tx

    My funnest biggest "most" rc ever...
  2. oldbikedude
    Nice... 8-)
  3. Jasper Wouters
    Nice baby

    here's mine

    single servo setup savox SA-1231SG
    40wt shock oil/silver and brown springs
    sway bar kit black
    proline trencher X and desperado's
    rpm a-arms
    red aluminium push rods and toe links
    spektrum DX3S
    wheelie bar and red aluminium wheels
    castle mamba monster oon 4s and 6s ******* ********
    stock gearing 18/65

    a nice body is hard find in belgium whitout paying too much
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