esc problem

  1. ERevoAllTheWay
    ERevoAllTheWay - Today, 07:05 AM
    Hey guys! I have a vxl system in my rustler but I'm having trouble with the esc. I turn my transmitter on first, connect my battery, then turn on my esc but it immediately starts blinking a green light. I've tried calibrating it to my transmitter but once it blinks red once the whole calibration is canceled, it doesn't let me. I've also tried programming but it doesn't go into programming mode, it just blinks green. Can you guys help me?
  2. fmcgregor
    Are you running nimh or lipo batteries? Sometimes when you put a nimh pack on with the low voltage detection on it wont let you do anything. You would need a lipo in it to turn the low voltage off.
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