Slash Platinum 4x4 and 3s lipos

  1. saddlesore
    i just got back into the hobby after 20 yrs so im a total noob again! i just got the Slash, traxxas ID 3s batt and charger. i know nothing about lipo batts and have no idea how to care for them. so i have questions about battery care since they are expensive and i want them to last:
    1)the charger that came w my package is one of those $49 ID chargers.just plug it in, press a button and wait for it to fully charge? no need to mess w how many amps it should charge?
    2) do i have to fully discharge the batt before charging again? im used to nicads that needed to be drained fully so that it wouldnt develop a memory
    3) can i charge the batts multiple times a day?
    4) the second time i used the traxxas charger the **** thing made the most awful noise like something was binding. maybe the fan?(1 day old!!). has anyone had similar experience?anyway...sorry for the long post. hope you pros can help this nooob.oh here is a vid of my truck...
  2. Speed freak #1
    Speed freak #1
    #1 The best way to charge a lipo battery is with a balanced charger so each cell is charged the same.
    #2 No you do not no memory with lipo.
    #3 Yes just let them cool down a bit if there warm to hot.
    #4 A good charger i think which i use is a imax B6 by SKYRC i have had mine for 4 years now and still going and not that expensive.
    Hope this helps
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