Old guy averting back into RC with his son!

  1. Old Guy RC
    After being out of the RC hobbie for many years my son is showing an interest in it and I want to fuel the flame burning within his...lol. I have ordered a Slash 4x4 VXL and can't wait for his eye to bug out when it gets here. All we will be doing is pure bashing and have fun together. We both wanted the slash because it just looks cool and we can turn it into a basher together. So my question is this. I know millions of people have ask this but most of the post I have found are old. I am going to order Proline Trenchers, Traxxas Big Bore Shocks and RPM bumpers to start with. I want to raise the body to allow for the taller tires. Who make the best aftermarket lift for these trucks? Also, running these tires will put more strain on the motor, what should I change my gearing to? Any info would be awesome!
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