New to Traxxas & Stampeded Community, Just an Introduction

  1. Echo5Golf
    Hello, Im new to the forum and just wanted to introduce myself and say hello. I live in So Cal, married with 5 Adult boys. I have now put baseball practices, soccer games, basketball camps, and traveling teams behind me. Now that the boys are all out of college and starting their lives, I find I have time to get back into things I enjoy. So, here I am. :)

    After having been out of the RC community for 30 years or so, I started doing some research on various RC cars/trucks prior to buying. Based on how I plan to use the RC, I decided on the Traxxas Stampede 4x4 VXL with TSM. I went through TLR and a few other manufacturers before deciding on Traxxas. I also wavered between the Stampede 4x4 and the 4x4 VXL. Ultimately, I decided on the VXL with TSM hoping that this will eventually save me money in the end. (Yeah, I know. This is just the beginning! Ha!)

    Anyway, thank you to all who share their expertise in the RC hobby and especially those that know the Stampede. :)
    Echo out....
  2. Jboswell83
    Hi everyone I’m new to this thread but not new to the rc world I have two little girls one is a special needs 12 year old and I got a two year old there my life and world but rc trucks are right there behind them I got a Stampede 4X4 VXL with tsm and I got about 1500 in my stampede right now but about to be more bc Im switching from a castle creations sidewinder act with a 3800kv motor to a mamba monster x 25.2 volt esc and a 2200 kv motor sensored
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