Get up to speed better:

  1. MooseSlash
    Step 1: Jangify the chassis with your dremel. this lightens up the chassis to make the motor work less, and it makes it more responsive. Less motor work = higher speeds. Step 2: Buy the following : nitro rustler spindles, steering blocks, caster blocks, 5mm locknuts, 4x 5x11x4 bearings, and nitro rustler lightweight dished rims. This mAkes rolling resistance lower then the live stub axle system. Buy an RPM hybrid gearbox for the aluminum motor plate. This is very important. The aluminum plate disperses more heat,and prevents gouging. Less heat = more speed. Motor/ESC: Velineon woks fine for high speed. Tires: Add some good Proline speed hawg tires, and RPM revolver rear wheels (2.2 sized truck tires) . Battery: Any 6500 3s 25c+ pack works great. Michellany: the front a arms should be nitro rustler, with n rusty pins. Team Associated aluminum screws in the low stress places. 13mm Team AE shocks for the T4.2. Traxxas 2070 servo. 1-2 degree front toe out.
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