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  1. Running the truck and the battery bellow freezing temperature?

    Hello. I own the 1/10 Maxx and I have a question about running the truck in negative tempatures [Celsius] [bellow 32 F]. Won't i damage the truck and the battery [5000mAh 3s LiPo] If i run the truck...
  2. What to do after not fully depleting the LiPo after Running? [Charging questions]

    Hello, as the title says what should i do if i do not fully deplete the battery after a run? (I own a 5000mAh 3s Lipo)
    *Can i just store it without any balace or store charging if i'll drive the...
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    ESC - Connector

    Hello. I know this may be a really primitive question but I am quite new and looking foward to buying this truck. However, I am not sure if i can plugin the #2872X battery into the ESC becouse the...
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    EZ PEAK , Battery adapter questions

    Hello, I am quite new in this hobby and I have decided to upgrade to the new MAXX 1/10, but i don't know if my traxxas EZPEAK charger #2970 supports the 3S 6400mAh #2857X connector. Becouse the...
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    Yes. I am going to order the additional battery...

    Yes. I am going to order the additional battery holdown.

    Thanks for answers!
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    Rustler 4x4 VXL , 3s upgrades?

    Hello. I would like to ask what are some must have upgrades on Rustler 4x4 VXL, when running traxxas's "5000mAh 11.1v 3-Cell 25C LiPo Battery" #2832X. I would be running the rustler on grass, dirt...
  7. Thanks for reply! Now i understand thanks! I...

    Thanks for reply! Now i understand thanks! I think i have decided for 2S since there are many more things to go with with 3S. That being said. Can i ask you if you have any fan on esc and is it...
  8. Hello! Thanks for reply and advices. I am...

    Hello! Thanks for reply and advices. I am wondering then which battery should i choose 2s 2843 or 3s. If i would choose the 3s what kind of breakage are you talking about? Sorry but i quite didnt get...
  9. What LIPO- battery should i choose and what mistakes should i avoid?

    Hello! I am quite a newbie in rc-trucks and this hobby overall but i love it. I bought my Traxxas F150 Raptor about a year ago and have been running it occasionally or basicaly whenever i wanted to....
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