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    Picco with stock servo ?

    I have a slayer pro with a picco max .. For some reason the servo is not pushing the throttle all the way open .. Is the stock servo not strong enough ? I adjusted it and all and still only get 3/4...
  2. what do you guys think of the slayer pro with picco

    i was thinking about getting the picco 26 max for my slayer pro what do you guys think. its for racing around with my firends in the desert we are making a little track:thumbup:.

    let me know your...
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    Also If I dont get on it .. Like half throttle it...

    Also If I dont get on it .. Like half throttle it will shift just not full . Any ideas.
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    Slayer not shifting ?

    I just changed out my spur gear to the 40t and the car flys !! But I dint hear it shifting into 2nd gear Or it's shifting so fast I can't tell . Do I need to change the shift point or what ?

  5. Ok great how does it work ?

    Ok great how does it work ?
  6. With the tra5498 sway bar fit the slayer pro

    does any one know if the tra5498 sway bar kit will fit the slayer pro it says slayer but i dont know if the means the pro.

    Thanks for the help every one.
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    Best gearing for the slayer

    Hey I was wondering what the best gearing for the slayer is (spur/bell)
    I wanna be fast off the line just not to slow at top.

    Thanks every one

    Ps this car is a blast so far!!
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    haha i almost went with a brushless slash but i...

    haha i almost went with a brushless slash but i really like the sound of the gas and smell. i hope i didnt make the bad move.
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    Can my slayer do a Wheelie?

    hey guys i just got my 1st rc car and ended up picking up The Slayer pro i hope it turns out do be a good car. i orded a few things for it so far . sway bar and a bigger spur gear also so shocks. Any...
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