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    Please keep all images to a width of 640 pixels or less. To do this, you must edit the image using an image editor before...
  2. Chevy Body- First Paint Attempt- Interesting "Sponsor"

    Hey guys, back into RC now and loving my slash! Keeping it stock to race in the stock classes this summer but I had to try my hand at painting so here it is! And for my "Sponsor" I had to go with...
  3. Servo with a Mind of Its OWN! Shifting Into Reverse on Its Own! NOOO!

    SO! Got a used t-maxx the other day, guy said it was barely used- and it looks it! Took it out for first session today, ran pretty good and stuff but... I got it stuck in reverse, and for the life of...
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    Bodies- 2.5 Bodies Fit 3.3?

    I looked but cannot find the answer to this question- When buying pre painted bodies, do the bodies that say they will fit a 2.5, will they fit a 3.3?
  5. Wow it does look VERY stripped in my video! I'm...

    Wow it does look VERY stripped in my video! I'm at work now so I can;t look but im PRETTY darn sure that it can't be, its brand new! Unless when putting the motor back in, I didnt put it close enough...
  6. T-Maxx 2.5 Starts, and Rev's, But Won't Move Forward- Video

    New To The Forums- Hop You guys Can Help!

    So I bought a cheap used T-Maxx a few weeks ago to get back into the hobby, bad idea! Buy New! lol Truck was taken to the hobbyshop to get into working...
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